Pisces: Spring 2015 – Spring 2016

By: J Nighteagle       Spring 2015 – Spring 2016 for those born under the sing of the Fish.   The gentle, empathetic Fish plays the roles of best buddy and problem solver to many different acquaintances. It is important to maintain boundaries to avoid drifting into situations that are not quite what was […]

Sagittarius: The Year Ahead

By: J Nighteagle       Holding a bow and arrow forever pointed toward wider horizons, Sagittarius is on a perpetual quest of discovery. You are idealistic and seek to understand life’s highest potentials. The glyph for Sagittarius is the arrow of the Archer, with a dividing crossbar hinting at duality, indecision and restlessness. The […]

Scorpio: The Year Ahead

By: J Nighteagle       Determined and intense, you will always emphasize that which is truly meaningful. The Scorpion scorns shallowness in any form. Co-ruled by Mars and Pluto, your lucky day each week is Tuesday. Secrets ( a favorite subject of yours ) are revealed and favorable opportunities arise when you make decisions […]

Libra- The Year Ahead

By: J Nighteagle       Symbolized by the Scale and ruled by Venus, Libra’ s respect justice and always seek balance. Romantic, peaceful, and focused on sharing as well as partnership, your lucky day is Friday. Overcome your natural tendency to vacillate. Make your decisions and start projects on Fridays whenever possible to assure […]

Virgo: The Year Ahead

By: J Nighteagle       Discriminating, thoughtful, and particular, Virgo often seems aloof and reserved. However, those born under this sing harbor a deep inner sensitivity. Your emblem is the Virgin, suggesting purity and humanity. Your planet is the cosmic communicator, Mercury. Wednesday is your luckiest day each week for making decisions and starting […]

Leo: The Year Ahead

By: J Nighteagle       Vivacious, dynamic, and self expressive, Leo is ruled by the Sun and represented by the Lion. Comfortable being the center of attention, you are a born entertainer and leader. Sundays are your most favorable days (day of the Sun ). Try to make purchases and move forward with ventures […]

Cancer: The Year Ahead

By: J Nighteagle       Fluctuating like the Moon, Cancer is responsive, emotional, and generous. Moon children have an empathy with others and a wonderful, warm sense of humor. However, there is an insecurity to overcome. Like your emblem, the Crab, your exterior shields a soft inner self. Mondays are your luckiest days each […]

Gemini: The Year Ahead

By: J Nighteagle       The Twins symbolize information exchange and duality. Gemini will adapt to different situations, surroundings, and circumstances.   This year is all about pursuing choices and goals (long and short term), and remember Wednesday is your most favorable day to start or detail any new activity.   As Spring begins […]

Taurus: The Year At a Glance.

By: J Nighteagle       Early Spring brings the gift of friendship. A positive Venus influence gives you an awareness of quality and gives you an ability to prioritize and delegate authority in a professional and considerate manor. Get involved in groups and cultivate those whom you would enjoy as friends. Politics and community […]

Aries: The Year Ahead.

By: J Nighteale       The year ahead for those born under the sign of the Ram.   March 21 – April 19.   Enterprising and confident, Rams are born with Spring time and ruled by dynamic Mars. Excitable and rather impatient, you are drawn to new and novel ventures. That which drags on […]