Scorpio Style

By: Erin     Scorpios are known for being very powerful, mysterious, intense and fearless people. They have confidence for days and are not afraid to try new looks and show some skin. Scorpios radiate sex and danger and their style shows it. Scorpios are very mysterious beings and they like dark, bold, and solid […]

Virgo Style

By: Erin   Virgo’s are known for being perfectionists in all aspects of their lives. This is no different when it comes to their appearance. I wanted to switch things up a bit with this blog and get into the different qualities of Virgo females and their style in general. They like to keep a […]

Gemini Hair

By: Tammy     Gemini women are one of the luckiest in the zodiac, it’s common that they look at least a decade younger than their actual age, and are blessed with sparkling eyes and good facial symmetry. Just look at Gemini celeb Angelina Jolie. What does this mean for their hair? For one thing, […]

Sexting 101.

By: Erin Sexting is the act of sending sexy, flirtatious messages or pictures, via mobile phones. At this point, I’m sure everyone has heard the term “sexting.” When sexting, there’s a very fine line between fun and filthy. When done right, it can be great foreplay between two consenting adults. The instant sexual tension created […]

Celebrity Profile: Jessica Alba

By: Elly About Jessica: Jessica is a patient person, willing to listen to others and help them solve their troubles. She’s a great communicator, stimulating and highly intelligent. Her ambitions go hand-in-hand with communication, and she has an incredible drive to accomplish and achieve whatever she wants in life. What inspires her the most is […]