By: Alex       While talking to Kat, one of Foretell’s psychics last week, she started telling me that she thought I had been Napoleon Bonaparte in a previous life. This was big news to me and I had a hard time believing it. Many times it is common […]

By: Alex       A few days ago I was listening to some music. It was a well known song, one I had heard many times before, but this time I noticed something unusual about the singer’s voice. It was really strange. I also got some impressions about the […]

By: Office Staff         *Cannot be combined with other offers. Must be 18+ to use services. No code necessary for special, available to all callers between the hours of 12am on 11/26 and 12am on 11/27.         We’re, the most trusted source for the […]

By: Martin Luther       Psychic reading can be labelled as the modern name of the ancient practice of divination. The readers involved in this practice were earlier known as fortune tellers. It’s a unique power of extra sensory perception seen in specific humans around the world.   Some […]

By: Alex       Most people have probably heard about past livest, but few know about parallel lives. I hadn’t either until I started doing workshops in 1994 with Dr. Verna Yater. She explained that the soul can animate more than one physical body, and that many people had […]

By: Adam     Uh-oh. Got the blues? Feeling cranky? Worried you are spiraling downward and won’t be able to pull out of the nosedive? Stuck in a rut and it’s not exactly the loveliest rut?   You are not alone.   What always scares me about being in a […]

By: Dolores L Stein   Let’s face it, love and relationships can be hard work sometimes. But as we also know, they can be rewarding as well. But when they become a challenge, where can you turn for advice and help? Consider having a phone psychic reading done to help […]

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By: Office Staff     One of the questions we get asked the most as customer service representatives is “How do you find your psychics?” or “How accurate are your psychics?”     There is a process that goes into bringing the best psychics from all over the country onto […]