By: Erin     I am a huge Parks & Recreation fan and one of the main reasons is because I find Aubrey Plaza’s deadpan humor amazing. She’s been seen a lot lately and is definitely making her mark in the comedy world so I wanted to feature her as […]

By: Erin Today I’d like to focus on the star of HBO’s hit series Girls Lena Dunham. We see a lot of her these days, and I mean a lot of her! Lena can do it all; act, write, direct, produce, you name it. At only 26 years old she’s […]

By: Erin   He may play a dancing, singing jock on feel-good TV show Glee but this Taurus definitely has some bad boy qualities. With a mix of Aires, Leo, and Gemini it’s no wonder he has a bit of a wild side in real life. Let’s take a look […]

By: Erin     This week I chose to brighten the spotlight that is already shining on the ever so sexy Channing Tatum. He just celebrated his 33rd birthday this past Friday and I’m sure he celebrated it in true Taurus fashion surrounded with loved ones and lots of laughs. […]

In relationships it is usually difficult to get over a breakup especially when there has been lots of time invested from the start. Usually one person handles it worse than the other person, but most times both parties feel quite bad in general. This does not mean it is the […]

By: Elly This month is a busy time for our solar system! Firstly, it’s Neptune’s Birthday! For over a hundred years, Neptune has been a confirmed planet, yet is just now finishing its first complete solar cycle! It takes Neptune about 165 years to go full circle on the arc […]

by: Lulu Gleason The last entry in our series about Mars in each house. Keep reading, Venus is coming soon! Mars in the 9th House: The Ninth House or in modern astrology the house of philosophy is associated with the sign of Sagittarius, foreign travel or countries, culture, higher education. […]

By: Lulu Gleason Mars in the Fifth House The Fifth House or in modern astrology the House of Pleasure, is closely associated with the sign of Leo, recreational and leisure act ivies, gambling, children, creative self expression. It is said that when dating a person always look into the 5th […]

By: Lulu Gleason Mars in the Third House The third house or the House of Communication in modern astrology is closely associated with the sign of Gemini. With Mars in your third house you’ll find a lot of interests in a wide variety of subjects. Generally any type of conversation […]