By: Ivan Lasater       People who are experiencing emotional suffering can choose to free themselves from the bondage of negative thought. It’s as easy as changing the mind.   A common misconception among people who experience a great deal of emotional turmoil is that they are powerless to […]

By: J. Nighteagle     Staff Note: Since March, our in house psychic blogger J. Nighteagle has been teaching us a bit about animal totems. There’s been a lot of buzz and compliments coming in about the series and we thank you all for your excitement and are happy you […]

By: Alex     I was watering my yard this afternoon when a woman I know asked me for a cup of hot water so she could make some soup. I think of her as being “semi-homeless”. She was very confused and upset because she had just been thrown out of her […]

By: Margaret D Booker       So how do we find meaning? The first step is through personal experiences, experiences through something to which we are familiar and through someone we value. Develop your appreciation of beauty that is heightening your sensitivity to beauty such as in great art […]