By: J Nighteagle     The Aura itself is composed of a complex network of fine energy threads, or lines of light, which are structured like fibers of a feather. It is because of the similarity of structure in the way the fibers lie in relation to one another, that […]

By: Sam Westcott     Gems!! Sounds very small and simple; it is having something very big meaning in it. That is called Spiritual and magical secrets. Here, you will get to know interesting mystical facts about natural gemstones. Gemstones carry spiritual facts as well as its own beauty; you […]

By: Adam     Uh-oh. Got the blues? Feeling cranky? Worried you are spiraling downward and won’t be able to pull out of the nosedive? Stuck in a rut and it’s not exactly the loveliest rut?   You are not alone.   What always scares me about being in a […]