By: Office Staff     This past year seemed to hit everyone pretty hard and we want to make sure the remainder of those bad feelings are gone. We are so glad when a client calls back to say one of our psychics said something so simple that helped them so […]

By: Alex     I was watering my yard this afternoon when a woman I know asked me for a cup of hot water so she could make some soup. I think of her as being “semi-homeless”. She was very confused and upset because she had just been thrown out of her […]

By: Simone Kelly       I’d like to share a story with you about two interesting people that we ALL know.     Ms. Jane D. Acceptor thinks, “I got this dead-end job, I’m bored to tears, but hey–it pays my bills. It keeps a roof over my head. […]

By: Office Staff     Last year some of our staff participated in the Acts of Kindness to help spread some love around our community and surrounding area. We also did a lot of the same on our social media sites and were very pleased with the support from our […]

By: James S Williams       As life and lifestyles speed up, so does the growing increase of the sense of longing, wandering just what else is there for ourselves, our families. Some people address their thoughts and feelings as valid and some do the exact opposite, they act […]

By: Lequia J Cooper     Why do we help others? There is a whole lot of pain and poverty, illness and despair in the world. I can’t speak for you but I would like to make a difference and improve the quality of life for others. Volunteer work is […]

By: Orson Scott     Inspirational words boost your confidence to become more successful in your life. The right inspirational words are positive thoughts that act as fuel for a positive attitude in your life. Inspirational words are a strong influence for your success in life. Learning how to think […]

By: Brad Eppley     If you want to create the good life — a life filled with more achievement, prosperity and happiness than you could now imagine — all you really need to do is faithfully follow four simple steps. Really.     By following these four incredibly powerful […]