By: J Nighteagle     For any relationship to work there must be three elements; silence, respect, and sharing. Relationships teach us silence. Silence enables us to listen and to experience the relationship as it truly is. It enables us to know when to speak and act for the greatest […]

By: Alex       A friend came over the other day. I hadn’t seen her in a while. She had lost her job and was working as a janitor. This was difficult for her because of her age and her pride and because she has a lot of resentment. […]

By: J Nighteagle     One of the most common methods of using feathers is to cleanse or dust the aura. Most people today associate them with Native American and shamanic activities. Feathers used for this process are called a variety of names, the two most common being the aura […]

By: J Nighteagle     A universe, a single song of ever changing rhythms and harmonies. Sustaining the melody of the physical world is a rich interplay of counter-point and decent. We see only a fraction of the band of radiation that makes up the spectrum; we only hear only […]

By: J Nighteagle     Since your body is the channel or valve through which the energy you raise passes, it behooves you to keep in good shape. I realize that physical fitness not only improves my psychic ability, it is also good for my overall health and well- being. […]

By: J Nighteagle       Anyone can meditate, anywhere. The word meditation conjures up visions of a monk sitting in a lotus posture, hands in his lap, staring into nothingness. But many people in Western culture find this posture uncomfortable. They are not as accustomed to sitting on mats […]

By: J Nighteagle     Rest the palms of your hands on your knees, close your eyes and imagine yourself inside the globe of your own Medicine Wheel. Visualize the direct contact you have with the cosmic forces flowing along conduits to the center of your globe which is the […]

By: Arthur Mavericck       You know what is so funny? When we think and talk about happiness it is always at the top of everyone dreams and desires. The bottom line of everything we do and dream about is “Happiness”.   The surprising truth is that the majority […]

By: J Nighteagle     THE WEST:   The West corresponds to the element of Water, to emotions, to twilight, autumn, to blues, grays, deep purple, and sea greens, to sea serpents, dolphins, fish, to the power to dare. From the West comes the courage to face our deepest feelings. […]

By: J Nighteagle       Projection is the ability to send out energy. It comes quite naturally to most people, once they are aware of it”s “feel.” Projection is also used in another sense to mean the ability to travel “out-of- body: that form of projection will be discussed […]