By: J Nighteagle     (Continued from last week.)   Last Wednesday we started going through the steps one must take to discover their totems. This blog will continue on from last week explaining the last steps.   8. Move back to the cave or tree and step back through […]

By: J Nighteagle     Staff Note: Over the past 3 months our new in house blogger J. Nighteagle has been teaching us a bit about totems. This series is awesome and we thank him for taking the time to teach us about the meaning behind animal totems. There‚Äôs been […]

By: J. Nighteagle       Read parts 1 and 2 of this series by clicking the titles below:     Part 1: The Hawk Part 2: The Butterfly     The Wolf is the totem or symbol of family and intelligence; he is called the great teacher. He is […]