By: Ann     Virgo & Aries: Earth and wild Fire? You’d better not… This Sun sign has many of the qualities you appreciate the most. But think of all the flaws that get on your nerves! Every time you want to discuss, plan and think a little more, your […]

By: Office Staff     With summer in full swing and lot’s of people traveling, we wanted to give a bit of insight to those of you not sure where to go this summer. Plan your perfect summer getaway based off of your sign and you are sure to have […]

By: Lulu Gleason   So Valentines days is coming and we’re all freaking out about what to do, where to go, and what to wear. I can’t hold your hand through the process; however, I can help offer suggestions with the items sold on the website. To take advantage […]

By: Lulu Gleason   Oh yes, the Earth signs of the zodiac. As promised I’m back this week giving some insight to the signs and money. In normal circumstances Earth signs are the stead fast and hard working group of the zodiac. In tough economic times they’ve been known to […]

By: Lulu Gleason So we’ve just discovered those hotly passionate signs of fire. Now let’s take a good look at the most lusty sensuous signs out there. Earth signs are very ‘feet on the ground’ types. Now this doesn’t mean there isn’t some simmering passion lurking here. There’s a sort […]