By: Erin       1. Letter Planters- These are especially fun for kids or if you’re having a party this spring and want to jazz up your yard. They sell cardboard letters at any craft store. First you will need to cut the top off with a serrated knife […]

By: Office Staff     Today we are going to give you some ideas on projects you can do with your partner this Valentines Day. A few of these projects are projects you can start on Valentines Day and add to when the mood strikes. We came up with a […]

By: Office Staff     With Valentines Day coming up on Friday we wanted to feature some special blogs for you all this week with some ideas on how to surprise your mate or love interest. Today we are going to give you some cute ideas for fun date night […]

By: Erin   Money is tight for many people these days and as a single female in my late 20’s I have mastered the art of gift giving on a tight budget. I am the queen of dollar store finds and can pretty much find a way to make the […]

By: Erin   Here are some fun Halloween decorations that you can make yourself that won’t break the bank. I like a lot of these because it’s actually just using stuff from around the house that you already have. Are your Halloween decorations a bit dated or falling apart? Instead […]

By: Brigitte Smith Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday! What a spiritual renewal to take a day to reflect over the past year about just how good God has been to you and your family, to give you harvest and shelter, health and hope. To get the most out of this […]

By: Elly There are many commonly available semi-precious stones one can purchase on their own or in combination with each other to help alleviate physical or spiritual ailments. Some of these are available for jewelry or charm making, or you can just purchase some chunks to keep around the house […]

By: Alex When the subject of past lives comes up, many people just shrug it off. They think it is some esoteric concept, along with karma, just part of some people’s belief system. Worse yet, they reject it completely because it doesn’t fit into their religious beliefs. Nevertheless, in a […]