By: Haresh Assnawi   Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could just flick a switch and turn on your creativity? Sadly, at times, tapping into your creativity can feel like trying to squeeze water from a stone. The good news is, there are ways of encouraging creativity and one of […]

By: Erin Flowers are blooming and the cool weather is making way for warmer days. Spring is officially here! Here is a list of flowers that represent each sign of the zodiac. Aries: Being a confident, passionate, and energetic fire sign, the flower to best represent you would be a […]

By: Elly Though the symbol is of the water bearer, Aquarius is an air sign. Always on the cutting edge of what is new and now, the Aquarius woman has a look that’s up to date and on trend at all times. Aquarius women can be serious, but they also […]

By: Elly Practicality is the hallmark of Capricorns; one thing seemed to be a recurring theme when I researched this topic: Earth signs, earth tones, no muss, and no fuss. While I am all for practicality and earth tones that doesn’t mean it has to be boring! Capricorns tend to […]

By: Elly Color therapy, some times also referred to as Chromo therapy or colorology, is a homeopathic practice which uses color or light to balance energy and promote healing either physically, mentally, or spiritually. One of our psychics Shawna (7035) brought the idea of Color Therapy to my attention. Have […]

By: Kal Have you ever been speaking to someone and you thought, “Oh, they look a little blue today?” Or maybe you’ve heard of the expression that someone was “radiating energy”? That color we associate with people is often the idea behind auras. An aura is an energy field, something […]

By: Lulu Gleason As someone who is not new to the idea that dreams seem to be how the subconscious speaks with during REM sleep. I find that I’m fascinated with the many different ways your dreams can be interpreted. Did you know if you do a search on the […]