By: Office Staff     With summer in full swing and lot’s of people traveling, we wanted to give a bit of insight to those of you not sure where to go this summer. Plan your perfect summer getaway based off of your sign and you are sure to have […]

By: Tammy     Cancer women are sensitive, romantic and determined, and usually choose a classic hairstyle. Blow-dried hairstyles, retro hairstyles, and the classic bob haircuts complement these gracious women. Cancer women are known for there round faces leaving hairstyling options pretty much endless and anything will look amazing on you!     […]

By: Office Staff     We are excited to announce our latest press release. Check out the full release here.     In April, Foretell announced the launch of their new age product site Inside Utopia where their customers could go and browse through the best new age products on […]

By: Office Staff     Join us this Friday, June 7th, from 12pm – 8pm EST on our Facebook and Twitter accounts to ask ONE FREE QUESTION to one of our on hand love experts. Summer has officially kicked off and we wanted to give our loyal followers and fans […]

By: Office Staff     To thank you, our most loyal customers, we’re entering you to win 10 FREE Minutes* every purchase 20 Minutes or more from now to 06/30/13 is good for an entry!       Each time you call and make a purchase of 20 minutes or […]

By: Tammy     Gemini women are one of the luckiest in the zodiac, it’s common that they look at least a decade younger than their actual age, and are blessed with sparkling eyes and good facial symmetry. Just look at Gemini celeb Angelina Jolie. What does this mean for […]

By: Tammy   Her perception blows our minds out and her strong and stunning voice touches our hearts while her glam and grand looks definitely catch our eye, that’s how I can depict the famous singer Adele. Since day 1, Adele has tended to style her long hair in very […]

By: Tammy   The Aries woman tends to be self-assured, daring, spirited, and are known for their intense eyes, confident attitude and of course, their lustrous hair. Aries women have the confidence to pull off any style as we have seen with fellow Aries Sarah Jessica Parker (or SJP as […]

By: Tammy     The true Pisces is creative, dreamy, sensitive, and delicate beauties that are immediately noticeable for their animated eyes. The passionate Pisces show and give themselves from head to toe, especially with their hairstyles. Their style is a statement, and a strong one which can cause one […]

By: Tammy   Aquarians love going against the grain, so to speak, and often find themselves as the Trendsetters in fashion. If you spot someone sporting a hairstyle on the “next” end of the scale or pushing the envelope, chances are it’s a fashion-forward hairstyle adorned by an Aquarian. They […]