By: Alex     ByWe’re in the last Mercury Retrograde of the year and it’s in full swing. I first started feeling it on December 5, a few days before we entered “The Storm.” So far it has been living up to its reputation. Everything feels slow and there are […]

By: Alex     Mercury is scheduled to go retrograde on August 30, but if you are sensitive (like me), you have already been feeling its effects for a few weeks. Here are some things I’ve noticed over the last few weeks that illustrate the effects of Mercury’s interference.   […]

By: Alex       A friend came over the other day. I hadn’t seen her in a while. She had lost her job and was working as a janitor. This was difficult for her because of her age and her pride and because she has a lot of resentment. […]

By: Alex       While talking to Kat, one of Foretell’s psychics last week, she started telling me that she thought I had been Napoleon Bonaparte in a previous life. This was big news to me and I had a hard time believing it. Many times it is common […]

By: Alex       I like watching movies – really great movies. But many times they bring up past life memories for me. I was recently watching Gladiator with Russell Crowe and it brought up a lot of sadness for me. I had a pretty good idea of what […]

By: Alex     As some of you may know, we recently went through another Mercury Retrograde, which lasted from April 28 through May 22. This was one of the worst I have ever been through. Due to some financial problems, I had to pawn my laptop. I had no […]

By: Alex       It never fails to amaze me just how powerful Mercury Retrogrades can be. I spoke to a mechanic I know a few days ago. He had just broken up with his girlfriend, and was working on a car that needed a new transmission. He had […]